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Nigeria #EndSARS protest has taken the stage worldwide for the mistreatment of citizens by the now defunct SARS.

Source: Twitter

While the protests continue off and online, it arising that the African country, Congo, is going a through silent genocide because of coltan.

Coltan is a critical mineral needed for electronic devices, aerospace, and the innovation of technology and its plentiful in Congo, making the country one of the richest natural resources country.

High demand in coltan and other resources including gold and diamond have meant neighbouring countries, Rwanda and Uganda evaded the country, enslaved its men, women and children to work in mines to produce the resources and ship it out to western countries.

It is thought that around 40k children work in the mines, and together with men and women are subject to daily rape and sexual violence.

It is estimated that 6 million people have been killed so far since 1996, with most of them being children.

With Ebola, Coronavirus and measles outbreak to also deal with, it is believed the world is simply watching on as the country bleeds silently.

The lack of major news outlets picking up the story are leading some to believe it as an act of favouritism of the Western world.

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