Nigerians respond with their own #5for5 demands to the police force and number four is a great request

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The Special Anti-Robbery Squad was officially dissolved on 10th of October in an announcement by the Nigerian Police Force.

In doing so, the force revealed five actions that they will be taking post-#EndSARS, one of which was to redeploy SARS officer across other arms of the police force.

Nigerians begin their negotiations with the government with five requests in response to the police’s force five post-SARS tasks

In return, citizens have laid down their own demand that should be adhere including retraining of the SARS officers to be redeployed.

See the five demand below.

1: Release protesters

Nigerians have demanded the immediate release of protesters, it is unclear if these protesters are related to just SARS protests or wider net.

2: Justice and compensation for all deceased victims of SARS

There should be justice for all deceased victims of police brutality, while it is unclear the definition of justice, it points to arresting and charging officers involved in brutality, kidnapping and killing of dead victims.

The demand also includes compensation to be given to dead victims families.

3: Creation of investigative independent body

An independent body should be set up yo oversee the investigaton and prosecution of all reports of police misconduct within 10 days.

4: Psychologically evaluate and retarin disbanded SARS officers

In line with the new Police Act, there should be a psychological evaluation and retraining of all disbanded SARS officers before they are redeployed

5: Increase police salary

Currently, police salaries range from just over 9k naira per month for a new police recruit to 60k for a sergeant with the highest salary of just over 700k paid to the Inspector Nigeria of Police who is currently Mohammed Adamu.

The demand is for police officers to be compensated adequately for protecting lives and property of citizens.

Salary ranking of police in Nigeria. See the full list on Wiki

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