“Quarantine almost broke my marriage up” Patricia reveals as she gives fans her life’s update

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“That boy like, quarantine almost broke us”

“One of the truth that you don’t know is that my surname isn’t Bright”

“I am more than likely to a tummy tuck or an abdominal plasti with diastasis and hernia repair”

Patricia Bright has given fans a glimpse of her ‘real’ life so far in 2020.

Strike a pose! Patricia, Michael and their girls. source: PatriciaBright/Instagram

In what appears to be an attempt to re-connect with herself and take more risks, Patricia revealed many things that is currently happening in her life and how she will introduce more risque content to her YouTube channel.

One of her reveals was how quarantine has not been easy on her relationship with husband.

The 33 year who share two daughters, Grace,4 and Nova, 9 months old with her husband, went on to say they are “currently working hard at making their relationship work”. They have been together for 13 year and married for 8.

Adding to that, the influencer who gave birth to her second baby on 21 December 2019, mentioned how her existing medical conditionworsened – diastasis recti and abdominal hernia – after giving birth .

To add to that again, she was suffering from post natal depression, and her daughter was going through a severe case of eczema and allergies.

A diastasis recti is the separation of the end part of a bone from the long bone to which it is normally attached without fracture of the bone. Abdominis is a midline separation at the linea alba of the recti muscles of the abdominal wall. If the gap is more than 2.5 cm or visibly bulging then its considered a diastasis.

An abdominal hernia is “a bulge or swelling in your tummy (abdomen) or groin (top part of your leg). It happens when some fatty tissue or part of your bowel pushes through a weakness in your tummy wall”, according to Bupa.

Patricia plans to have corrective functional surgery to resolve her diastasis recti and abdominal hernia condition. Source: YouTube/PatriciaBright

Patricia, who is well known to have body image issues having had liposuction, breast augmentation seem to be getting her self back and looking to spice up her YouTube content.

She giddly tells fans to expect her contents to be more ‘real’ as she continues to share her life “as a mom, a wife as business owner and as someone who does not always have it all together”.

As a result of her diastasis recti and abdominal hernia condition, she explains that she will either be having “a tummy tuck or an abdominal plastic with diastasis abdominal repair” which no doubt fans willl get to see soon.

Fans will also be hoping she reveals her real Nigerian surname.

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