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Keeping up with the young’uns: Popular ‘Black’ British (London) slangs making waves

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Like it, share it

Just when you thought you got wagwan and bomboclat in the bag, you start to hear uckers and dun know.

Although Black British slangs –  from a mix London’s grime music and Jamaican Language, patois – has been around a long time, but the likes of Dapaah, Stormzy and JHus are hyping it more than ever before.

Starting with the bufftings, then the generals and the peaks, here are some eye opening worldwide trending slangs  to keep you in the game – bearing in mind most of these depend in the context.

The Bufftings

Boomting: means extremely good, which can be in reference to a person, place or thing

Buffting: Similar to boomting, mostly refers to a person, beautiful/handsome

Peng: like the previous two, it is good-looking mainly towards a girl

Bless (up): like a prayer/good wishes on you

Bangin: as in really good/great/sexy/fine

Bossman: a boss usually referred to ‘out of respect’ to call other

Pow Pow: though it references gunshot sound, its an expression of feeling/bigging-up self as being cool (not cold)

Brap brap: bigging up self/someone else

Sick: dope/really good

Gassed: Excited it can also be someone who received great compliments their ego is on cloud nine

The Generals

Init: easy short cut for ‘isn’t it’
Bait: meaning it’s obvious
Endz: a person’s area/postcode/hood
Bare: plenty/many
P: Money
Po-po: Police
Shook: Scared/Nervous
Paigon: Useless/pointless
Wagwan – ‘what’s up’
Extra: Over the top, too much
Fam: Family, friends
Yard: House/flat/room
Mandem/Gayldem: Men/Girls
Youngen/Young’un/Yutes: Youths
Allow it: Leave it/stop doing it/Let it go

Chirps: chat/flirt with the opposite sex
Safe: Sometimes used instead of bye, which can mean keep/stay safe
Blad/Bruv: Shorthand for brother but usually used towards a friend
Link up: get together/hook up/meet with someone
Longtin: complicated/long road to something
Bomboclat: An expression to release and exagerate an emotion
Madting: something mad/stupid/strange/odd/not what was expected – depending on context
Bars: refers to lyrical lines, someone “spitting bars” is same as rapping words/lyrics

The Peaks

Skeng: Gun, can also be a knife

Vexed: Angry

Peak: Something that is bad

Merk: To ruin someone/something

Batty: Jamaican for gay/homosexual used as an insult on anyone

Wasteman: Insult referring to someone as a waste

Roadman: someone who lives the street life – sells/uses drugs, dresses in hoodie, thug life and more

Yardie: A person from Jamaican typically a Jamaican criminal

Ucker: Used by Michael Dapaah in ‘Man’s Not Hot’ mean prostitute/good manhood sucker

Beef: Quarrel/argument

Rasclaat: Insult meaning arse-cloth

Snitch: A label given to someone who reveal a friend or known person’s secrets to the police

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