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4 year old Nigerian-Irish-American twins, Ava and Alexis McClure captured the world’s heart with their gorgeousness and curiosity. They are so alike physically and completing each other sentence that it can be tricky telling which is Ava or Alexis.

Can you tell who is who?

Picture 1: Which one is Ava, and which is Alexis?

Clue 1: According to mum and dada, Aminat and Justin, Alexis’ face is slight rounder, does it help?
Clue 2: One twin is emotional, tomboy-like, and follows the other’s lead who is girly and bossier, a better clue?
Clue 3: Lexi’s brows are thicker, that’s better surely?
Clue 4: These descriptions though! Alexis allegely has mum’s forehead and Ava looks like dad! Did you get it?  

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Parents, Aminat and Justin McClure, listed ways to tell Ava and apart, despite the list, it can still be a challenge to tell the twins apart, even on these selected pictures. See answers below.

How to tell Ava and Alexis apart (according to mum and dad)

  • Ava is a lot more forward with bigger personality, bossier and girly
  • Ava’s hair is longer, Lexi’s thicker
  • Ava has a slightly slimmer face, Alexis is rounder
  • Ava is higher pitched and louder
  • Ava likes to call Lexi sis or sissy
  • Alexis sizes you up, more guarded, takes Ava’s led and tomboy-like
  • Alexis is slightly taller than Ava
  • Alexis has thicker brows
  • Alexis baby hair is more round the edges
  • Alexis often calls Ava by her name
  • Alexis has a scar on her nose

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