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How Mr. White in Joyner Lucas’ ‘I’m not racist’ won THAT debate

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Like it, share it

If he was unheard of before, Joyner Lucas has certainly made his mark globally with his viral video: I’m Not Racist.

The provocative video revolves around racial grievances between blacks and whites in America, and it’s portrayed heavily with stereotypes – the white supremacist vs the lazy black man.

While Joyner’s aims were to reflect current situations in America, some of the track’s content is pretty relevant to other ‘white dominated’ countries like the United Kingdom.

Watching both sides of the argument, Mr Black did not look goo, making it easy for Mr White to easily win the argument. Here is why…

Both play extreme forms of stereotypes, but Mr Black is off worse 

Both played the stereotypical imagination of what to expect from their races.

Mr White started the conversation with, “with all due respect”, and well into it, he paces around Mr Black rapping his part, but Mr Black began his with: “with all disrespect”, and during his argument, hits off Mr White’s cap and throws the table.

While “brap, brap, tell him bruv” comes to mind when Mr Black rapped his mind, realistically, beginning his conversation like that set the scene for the rest of the video, particularly the end’s ‘let’s agree to disagree’ – with no targets set on how Mr Black should be treated going forward.

Mr White aggravates with the n-word, pokes fun at black religiosity and gets away with it

White mentioned nigga the first six times to explain a point – ok, but the rest were intentional poking.

Mr. White tells Black to get over slavery but later echoed Donald Trump with: “Bunch of class clowns, Niggas kneelin’ on the field, that’s a flag down…You gon’ show us some respect, you gon’ stand for this country, nigg-er!”

Joyner Lucas: I’m Not Racist lyrics

And because this modern form of racism is covert and closeted like it is in the United Kingdom, Mr White, Donald Trump et al gets away with it.

Lyricist, Joyner Lucas rapped I’m not racist from a White and Black perspective including making reference to Donald Trump’s views (right) following a peaceful protest by mainly black NFL players against killing of blacks by white policemen

METRO: Why are NFL players kneeling? What the protest means

What was Mr Black going on about?

Amidst his nigga profanity, Mr White made some fine points to Mr Black. He also covered his whole race (the good, the bad and ugly) with worshipping the Einsteins and Steve Jobs.

Mr Black forgot to hype the Obamas and Luther Kings in addition to Tupac. Instead gave us Kool-Aid and 2 Chainz among turning to drugs as a reason for not getting a call back from a job interview.

Lets clear the air

Joyner Lucas is a talented story-teller exemplary from his other videos.

His aims were provoke a debate on racism in America, and used two extremist view points to drive the message home, but remember it is a stereotype.

Not all blacks are in dreadlocks, speak or act a certain type of way or wear trousers below their waist. Similarly not all Whites are racist, nor are they all Einsteins lovers.

According to USA statistics, Asian Americans have the largest household incomes and Nigerian Americans earn the highest amongst black – see video below.

Mr Black’s explanation of why Whites cannot use the word, nigga, should enough reason to mute any confusion: “…that word was originated for you to keep us under…And when you use it, we know there’s a double meaning under”

While Joyner helped in conveying a message, Mr. Black was not positioned to achieve an outcome in the video or in real life: ‘tet’s agree to disagree’ is not a suitable result if Black Lives really Matter.

And the debate continues. Thanks for Eminem.

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