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Take it back, where were you and what were you up to when this song came on air?

It never ends well if it the follow up isn’t:

5 facts about both songs

1. The first music video “1er Gaou” is from the album “Premier Gaou” by Ivorian Zouglou music group – Magic System

2. The song which sold 300,000 copies in France was a real life account of lead singer, Salif “A’Saifo” Traore who experienced an ex trying to woo him back after music fame

3. Originally released in 1999, the song title literally means “1st fool” in French Ivorian language

4. The second video is the makossa music “Karolina” by Congolese legend Awilo Longomba whose other popular music include Gate Le Coin, Coupe Bibamba and Cache Cache

5. Some of the lyrics translated in English are not for the easily offended


Some of the lyrics to Karolina translates in English to “she is sweet in front, she is sweet behind…” source Love, Adjpants

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