It’s back! The hood, better, best of X-factor 2017 first auditions

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Its that time of the year again, X-factor is back!

Simon Cowell, Nicole Schezinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne return for another year to find who could possibly have that extra factor in 2017.

While the show started off a drab on Saturday, also airing on Sunday, it eventually got round to contestants worth watching.

There were amazing talents like Grace Davies – who sang her own beautiful track, Rak-Su, the boy-band packed full of good-looking boys, but then there were the 3 standout hood, better, best contestants.

These contestants on first impressions were questionable, until they performed and became somewhat entertaining. Here they are:

Hood: Elisangela

Right up Simon Cowell’s street, was Elisangela – a 34 year old Brazilian personal trainer with some resemblance to Simon’s ex – Sinitta

See the resemblance? Beautiful 34 year Brazilian, Elisangela thought to look like Sinitta appealed to Simon’s senses

Elisangela did not come to play as she gyrated while singing Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

Complimented with “very strong thighs” from Nicole, and “Do you have a second song, third song?” from Simon Cowell, Elisangela truly captured her audience in many other ways than her singing abilities.


Simon: Yes | Sharon: Yes | Nicole: No | Louis: Yes

Better: Georgina

Similar to Elisa, Georgina brought attitude, passion, sexiness, twerking her way in and out of the auditions with an Xtra factor.

The 20 year old young mum of one from Birmingham cited motherhood and schooling drama as inspiration to audition.

She sang Rhianna’s Got Love on The Brain, which if it had not been heard from Rhianna could pass off as an original track from Georgina who made the song her won.


Simon: Yes | Sharon: Yes | Nicole: Yes | Louis: Yes

Wow! Jack & Joel

Oxford University graduates, Jack and Joel were the definition of not judging a book a by its cover.

On first impressions, Jack and Joel (left) could have passed off for this year’s version of Bratavio (right) from 2016 – until they started.

As X-factor revealed more about them, Jack and Joel seemed over the top, nerdy and exaggerating contestants who looked set to take 2016’s Bratavio’s place.

But once they started singing, the guitar, the harmony, the quirky look and that beat-box by Joel – they were simply the best of the night, possibly set to go very far in the competition.


A unanimous Yes


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