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Patricia is popular Nigerian British Youtubber known for her great avices, tip sharing on fashion, lifestyle and all else.

Starting YouTube officially in 2010, Patricia did not make any money for 4 years but stayed focus on her passion and interest to get to where and who she is today.

Patricia is a canon lover who started off using shoe boxes or books to support her video recording. Nowadays she rolls with bad boy camera and equipment setups

Her most recent video in 2017, she reveals she Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II for vlogging, the Canon EOS 80d with a 10-22 mm USM Lens for fashion and 5d mark 3 canon as her main camera.

That’s an upgrade from 2016 where she used Canon 6D Mark II with a EF 35mm lens and a rode mic.

Patricia is known for dishing out good advice, one being ‘stay in your yard’ when it comes to affordability of equipment for YouTube.

For example using 2 boxed lights and window and entry level good quality camera lenses like the Canon EF 50mm.

When she first started, the canon lover would used shoe boxes and books to support her camera with natural lighting and a reflector.

Since YouTube and technology has grown, there are affordable good quality equipment to start YouTube.

Check out Patricia’s videos where she discusses camera and setup equipment.

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