[Video]: Black man vs white man fight: guess who gets called a monkey?

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A fight breaks out between 2 drivers on a busy road in New Cross, London – the car driver is black and the lorry driver is white.

Lorry driver is all pumped up to fight – throwing punches before the other driver gets out of his car. But it is the black man who eventually get outs and starts to defend that gets hate comments from Youtube watchers including, ‘beat that f**king nigger. Beat it until it understands its station in life.’

The video uploaded to Youtube by a bus passenger – Andre Coolahan, shows the lorry driver may be angry over the car driver overtaking him.

As they fight, a cyclist enters and attempts to diffuse the situation but eventually rides off, it is unknown why he simply left the drivers to their own devices.

At a point, it looked like all was calm until the car driver starts whipping out his belt. The incident which took place on Friday eventually, but a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said nobody has made themselves known despite being called to the scene.

Watch the video below.

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