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Nigerians may play too much, but Ikwutex get point o. Check out the message to Mr President below.

Take a moment to say a prayer or two for Twitter’s Ikwutex, who dreamt this up

Many have welcomed this list of celebrities ‘disturbing social media peace’, with some suggesting other celebrities that fittingly deserve a place on the list including, Mercy Aigbe Gentry,  Lai Mohammed, Daddy Freeze and more.

Those listed (plus the times effect) are no surprise given they have been the most talked about recently. Malaysian based Nigerian, Hushpuppi started an online war claiming Phyno and fellow musician, Ice-Prince wore fake Rolex. While they battle it out and the world watches on, Limpopo’s Kcee dips his toe in it, blasting Hushpuppi and declaring a petition against him, that did not go down well.

Rumour has it that Hushpuppi is doing nothing other than yahoo yahoo – that is making money falsely by stealing from others online. It follows onto 9ice who Falz indirectly called out among other artists promoting ‘yahooze’ (by Olu Maintain) through music.

When boys were boys? Hush and Phyno (right) once rolled together
Between Hush x Phyno x Kcee

Another publicity lover, Bob Risky – who started his own #Istandwithhushpuppi campaign against Kcee and Hushpuppi haters – has been throwing a lot of shade lately at people, mostly his fans. Plus the discovery of self-flattering snap-chat filters has detonated the create a video and press post button more often than necessary, promoting a ‘fabulous’ lifestyle.

Then Ms Dikeh, what cannot be said of Tonto? Tonto has shared her marriage journey with fans seemingly backtracking to defame her now ex-husband Churchill when it all went south. As fans happily and sadly recovered from her victory dance when her bride price was returned by family, Tonto almost rips a banner out of anger and whilst crying, as her fellow dignified colleagues including carried on peacefully with the protest

Nigeria’s own Michael Jackson – Bob Risky on the left, Kidnapper Evans and possible noisemaker entrant Femi Adesina, seen on left with Mr President

Finally, Evans the notorious kidnapper, who has made millions kidnapping, threatening and killing hard working citizens of Nigeria and caught by NG’s police.

Back to Ikwutex’s list, an important person who Nigerians would appreciate more noise from is ‘Uncle Buhari’, with that said, Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President, should probably be included as a noisemaker for consistently sending unconvincing messages from the President.

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