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Finding helpful tips on how best to apply for a visa if self employed can be hard, not to talk of if you are a novice to it all, and that’s exactly what @Nigerianabroad aka Glory experienced.

Glory who is currently touring Riga having already visited Budapest, Paris, London and Vietnam, initially struggled to find information to apply for a Dubai visa – where she has since relocated to from Nigeria.

Her visa successes inspired an Instagram based mini guide for self-employed aspirants looking to do the same, with getting a personal account where you pay yourself monthly and a visa cover letter being among the list of tips. Let’s not forget serious fasting and prayer.

Glory who goes by the Instagram handle @nigerianabroad is sharing tips on getting visas
The list of things to have and do to increase chances of getting visa as a self employed individual

Glory points out that these suggestions do not guarantee a visa but helps improve your chances of a “yes” rather than a “no”. Her tips inspired fellow users to share opinions and experiences which would be beneficial for aspiring visa self employed applicants looking to gain as much information as possible.

Glory’s @Nigerianabroad page continues to enlighten followers on entitlements and how to pass certain visa challenges, mainly aimed focused at Nigerian in Dubai.

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