Bob IS really risky: “I’m prettier than 70% women in Nigeria”

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In keeping his fans up to date with his current USA adventures, Bob has been showing off being sprayed money at a Chicago party, supposedly gifted with an iphone, attending meet and greets, and generally uploading videos of himself dancing.

His latest video would have passed off as another showey Bob Risky, except his caption dissed ‘70%’ of women in Nigeria – many of whom are fans.

Bobby said: ‘I’m prettier than 70% women in Nigeria so pls stop hating…come and learn from Bobrisky.’

‘Did I hear some of u saying I don’t have pussy and Breast. Oh sorry wat has ur breast and pussy given u iPhone 6 and 100k I’m sorry for u. I don’t have any but my BAE got me a Benz and a house.’

‘Some of u that has breast and Pussy have you asked urself y ur man still cheat on u Awon olodo. D day d bloggers will know my BAE chai most of u girls will cry ehnnnn.’

The 25 year old may have been reacting to the stream of continuous hate messages sent each time he posts on Instagram, and this case was no different in opinions – if not worse given he had targeted 70% of Nigerian women.

Majority of comments following Bob’s caption were negative
Some hard core fans supported his comment

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