Asda’s ‘bag for life’ increase to 8p

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At the price of 6p previously, bag for life were just 1p more than the 5p single carrier bags, now they cost 8p.

They may be easy to overlook as buying 5 bags, for example, will now cost 40p as opposed to 30p, however this increase comes less than 2 years since charging for single carrier bags were introduced in England.

Asda’s bags remain one of the cheapest among retailers with some charging 10p upwards, and there are possibilities to exchange your damaged bag for a new one at most retailers.

Meanwhile, Tesco is trialling the prospect of scrapping 5p bags in some of their simply Norwich, Aberdeen and Dundee stores to guage customers’ response to not having the option of these bags. If successful it will be rolled out nationwide, which could prompt other retailers from joining suit possibly triggering further increases in shopping bags.

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