“On alleged interview granted by Stella Dimoko Korkus” to Mary Jane’s blogazine

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An abroad based “professional critic and analyst” whom may be really nice but not sure ‘where she going with this’ by insulting/praising Nigerian celebrities has been called out by blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus for an alleged interview.

Mary Jane aka ‘Angel Eze’ posted an “exclusive” interview she supposedly had with Stella, prompting Stella to brand her ‘deranged’ and ‘stalker’ in a strongly worded post on her blog

Stella Dimoko Korkus’s response: On Alleged Interview Granted By Stella Dimoko Korkus

Mary Jane is resiliant despite the abuse she receives from followers for “exposing” stars including Toke Makinwa but also praise other celebrities she likes!

Toke Makinwa, in a big pot of shit as Maja Ayida has taken my advise to sue Toke for defamation, exaggeration, and calling his name and that of Anita Solomon in her book. I exposed the fact that Toke used the services of a guest-writer and claimed the sole-writing of the book. I also exposed that Toke and her guest-writer added some pepper, Maggi, salt and onions to the writing of the book to boost the sales. Let’s wait and see what Maje’s lawyers in UK and Nigeria are capable of. Hope the order of taking off the books from circulation is fulfilled because it is defamatory, And she is just a fame-crazy opportunist… I still love her ? Best selling author indeed… Lol. #mjbBoss #professionalcritic #analyst #trendsetter #motivator #pepperprincess #pepperu #pepperthem #pepperthemwellwell #maryjaneblogazine

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The best has to be the war of words between her and her fellow/nemesis – Kemi Olunloyo – oh Insta Insta.

As a professional critic & analyst I have 5 facts to dash out about… Kemi Olunloyo @hnnafrica 1. Old but childish 2. Demonic possessed (TB Joshua Tinz… Pls go for deliverance) 3. Spoilt Brat/Rich Man Pikin (We born with a golden spoon are like that most times lol #majority) 4. Attention Seeker (She is yearning for it and getting it hehehe Lol) 5. Idle & Playful (She got a lot of time in her hands to be petty because she’s idle and I believe she is a playful person just having fun doing what she do like me) I hope I’m fair now!!! Y’all borging me to talk about her too like I usually do *Shines Teeth* So, You see I’m not afraid of her!!! Can I rest now? Thanks!! NEXT. #hnnafrica #maryjaneblogazine #facts?

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