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The first sighting of the advert is uncomfortable and confusing, but as the lady starts to lighten up, smile as she danced – just before the brand name comes up – your mood starts to ease.

The talked of advert is that of Bupa, which is suitably titled ‘For Owning the Dance Floor”

By the second and every-time after, it tugs at the heartstrings – I want to cry at first then overjoyed with the lady as she starts to smile. Where I would normally not give Bupa any notice with all their other ads, this one playing with my emotions will make me remember this brand forever…

Watch video below and feel the heeaat!

Ad sypnosis from TV Admusic:

A woman puts her illness behind her to own the dancefloor in this uplifting TV ad from Bupa, focusing on cancer care that gets you there. The song is a real treat of a lost soul classic, Pain In My Heart by Helene Smith, a 1967 single on the Miami-based Deep City label.

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