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I actually do not know this lady called Mrs Dolu Fashina personally, but as a scroll down my facebook page, all I see is her pictures everywhere.

Probably to do with the fact that a friend (her cousin) has been posting and sharing tributes in her honour.


I would probably not have done this – since I do not know her – but when I saw her picture (at the top) I felt a connection to her. I felt her niceness, her genuity and I pray she deservedly rest in peace.

Finding out more about her, from the tributes, visiting her facebook page and the memorial site, this post – however much I was urged to dedicate it to her – cannot expressed how touched I was.


She was clearly blessed here on earth and I have no doubt she is now resting with God in heaven.

Rest in peace my sister and give your family the strength to carry on in yours and God’s name here on Earth.



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