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I received a text message about this number – 0800 22 66 55. The text went like this:

Normally I see this kind of email and ignore because they are usually junk nonsense. But since I was not willing to die just yet nor did I want my beloved friends or family to face the same fate, I forwarded it on.

Through joke a friend of mine said someone should try to call it now and I suggested she should since she was on contract.

Anyhow, I decided to try it and if it rang I would quickly hang up the phone without saying anything.

What my phone screen showed me through the Regrann app as I dialled

Upon dialling, I noticed the number is just 10-digits long and most numbers are 11-digits. Luckily, as the call went through I heard:

“Sorry the number you have dialled is not in service, please check the number you have dialled and try again.”

Now breathe.

Who knows maybe it was real and then stopped, but at least now we can assume its a rumour.

Someone on Nairaland claimed they tried and it went through, abi na Nigeria-related number?

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