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Where to watch LEKKI WIVES S01 and series highlights

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Last year (2015), I watched the Lekki Wives series on iROKOtv and was so pumped up thinking it will be available to watch on the site forever that I wrote all about it.

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Miranda spillsCleo and Otunba






Uju's facePeace shockUju's house by Lovette


Well, it would seem that it has been moved for space purposes and replaced with season 2 – which is then likely to be replaced with season 3.

Thankfully, it is downloadable from some websites – search on Google – and watchable directly on others (copy and paste link below into a new browser):

Places to watch

Since I wrote all about it, I have gathered some of the best bits:

1. Lovette & Uju Copy Copy Cats

Their similarities extended from gold-digging, losing husbands to sleeping with the same man, so it was no surprise they followed the same pattern in upgrading their initial appearances.

Except…one chose ₦64,000 worth of Brazilian hair and the other settled for no hair.

Also worth mentioning were Uju’s hilarious storylines. A couple of them are below but can only truly be appreciated when watched directly from Uju’s mouth.

“..Ok, instead, make I go poshu oyibo children wey dey beg for food for road eh, give dem 10k make them cut part of their hair for me, make I just gum am, if I can’t gum it, I go carry am go Obioma, then he will re seam it properly – WHAT A MESS!”
On buying brazilian hair

“Look at this gorimakpa talking about hair. Not a single strand on your big brown hair and you are here lecturing me?”
About Miranda

“(Laughs), Okrika wake up o, bend down boutique holla (more laughs)”
On her lifestyle


2. Those Gyrating Background Casts

background actors

The two love-birds dancing and fumbling in the background were a highlight to episode 2. E remain small make ‘WARNING!! X-RATED ADULT CONTENT’ start to flash for our screen.

3. Ashaewo Victor

Peace and victor compilation1

Even though it may be torture for Peace to have this sex-mad, doggy-style loving, kinky-twisting, waist-gyrating guy for a husband, he was highly entertaining and funny to watch.

Peace and victor compilation2

4. Nanny Beatrice & Frank

Why Miranda was shocked and angry at the boss-maid love story amazed me since she hated her husband.
Despite what he may have done, the guy still needed some loving abi? If it was not Beatrice, it would have been the other housemaid.

5. Godly Words of Wisdom?

Daughters of Zion mama

Church mama’s proverbs were amazingly inspiring at times and at others, cue *eyeball rolling*.

“…Would you divorce a person who has been overcome by the devil? Would you be cut away from the love of your life who is in torment and playing out a disease called infidelity and adultery instilled in him by the spirit of wickedness, would you?”

“Sisters your cheating husband here is not the enemy…he is infact the victim”

“Do we take the physical fight over to the mistress’ house like Peace?”

[Photo Credits: Lekki Wives | B’concept Network Productions]

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