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#WearetheOcampos: Meet Sol and Liz, the Kenya and Malaysian pastors who found love in an arranged interracial marriage

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These days, social media particularly, YouTube and Instagram exposes a host of different kinds of interesting people like the Mazelees.

And there is this family, the Ocampos.

Meet the Ocampos. Source: Instagram/WeAreOcampos

The Ocampos, like the Mazelees are part of Asian Men & Black Women (AMBW) in an interracial marriage. What is different about them is how they met and eventually fell in love with one another.

Solomon Ocampo

Solomon is one of 12 children of Prophets who were on missionary work in Kenya.

Due to his parents work, Sol never stayed in one country for a long time, he was moved across continents. The 32 year old lived in Kenya for sometime, before moving back to the Philippines just after Liz moved back home.

Elizabeth Muyu Ocampo

Elizabeth is the 8th child of a large family and daughter of a bishop.

The 32 year old was born in Kenya, went to boarding until the end of secondary school then moved to the USA in her late teens for bible school.

She graduated from CFNI Dallas Texas as an ordained Pastor, also licensed to wed people in the US. Aged 21, she moved back home to Nairobi, Kenya to study mass communication.

By aged 25 she was married to Solomon.

How they met and entered into an arranged marriage  

Sol and Liz narrated how they first met on their YouTube channel.

The couple’s parents first met in 1995 during a Christian conference in Kenya with Sol’s parents becoming missionaries in Liz parents’ church and good family friends.

Sol and Liz with their parents following the birth of their first child, Tehilah. Source: Instgram/LizMuyuOcampo

In 2011, Liz mum visited the Philippines for Sol’s sister arranged wedding. It was during this time that Sol’s mum, who was used to organising marriages as she have done for her children, told Liz’s mum that she thinks Liz would be a good fit for her son.

When Liz’s mother informed her daughter of the news, her first question was “have we lacked men here in Kenya”? She was only interested in marrying a Kenya man (Sol was also only interested in a Filipina woman) and had a boyfriend at the time.

In April 2012, Liz’s family go on a 2 week vacation to the Philippines, they stayed at the Ocampo’s family house.

Sol was away at university so she had still not had a proper glimpse of him but there was much pressure for the two to come together.

Interested in settling down, Liz said “if this is truly from God she wants to hear from his father too, not just his mother”. His father dismissed the whole idea – initially.

Two nights before returning to Kenya, Sol’s father called Liz and said he had a revelation from the Lord that she was the right woman for his son. By the night before, at the farewell party, the man betrothed his son to his future daughter-in-law.

On her return to Kenya, Liz breaks up with her boyfriend and decided to focus on Sol.

Things were not working out, by December 2012, she wanted out of the betrothal, blocked Sol from all social media platforms to pursue other relationships.

Going back on the market as a single girl, she met different men but never found common interest hence unblocked Sol and asked the Lord if he is truly the person she should marry, then let her be shown.

Sol and Liz decided to give their long distance relationship a go. Sometime in 2014, Sol bought an engagement ring, went to Kenya – and organised by his brother and his wife – surprised his future wife with a proposal. She said yes initially so as not to embarrass him in public but eventually fell in love with Sol and the whole idea of being his wife.

In the YouTube video, Liz said “if he had delayed one week she would have no longer be single.”

The couple wedded in November 2014, in the Philippines in front of families and friends.

The Ocampo Children

The couple have four children all ranging from 7 years to 11 months old, and all of their names begin with T.

The Ocampo children. Source: Instagram

First born, Tehilah, is currently 7 years old (in 2022). The second is the boy, Tzuriel (pronounced with a silent T) born May 3rd 2020, the third is another bouncing baby girl, Thandi who celebrated her third birthday in July 18th and the fourth child, also a girl is baby Theopany – fondly called Theo for short. She turns one in September.

Other interesting fact

Their YouTube channel grew significantly from 69 subscribers in June 22 2020 to over 94+ thousand (as of 27th August 2022).

In addition, they now have 60k+ followers on Instagram, 9k+ TikTok and 4k+ facebook followers.

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