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“You expected the West London Boys to come to the college in force for a violent confrontation”: Full sentencing remarks of boys directly involved in the murder of Sofyen

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A judiciary report has revealed the extent a gang of youths went to kill 15 year old Sofyen in the space of 12 seconds during a rush hour evening on the 25th March 2010.

The report which was published online, were the remarks made by His Honour Judge Christopher Moss QC during the sentencing of eight boys who had played varying role in Sofyen’s death.

It summarised what happened before, during and after Sofyen’s death.

A day before the fateful fatal day, the defendants and others who attended St Charles Sixth Form College in Ladbroke Grove had a disagreement with ‘West London Boys’ on the 2nd floor of Victoria Station where students from different schools often meet.

The fight caused one of the St Charles Sixth Form College, Melvin, to have a bloody nose.

As a result later that night, St Charles Sixth Form College boys, led by Samson Odegbune, planned a deadly assault on West London Boys for the following day.

The next day came, and many student went into college armed with weapons. Samson carried a samurai sword and Christopher Omoregie brought two chef’s steels.

St Charles Sixth Form College boys thought the West London Boys will come and attack them at their school in Ladbroke Grove.

Top from left to right: Adonis Akra, Enoch Amoah, Obi Nwokeh and Samsom Odegbune. Bottom from left to right: Femi Oderinwale, Christopher Omoregie, Samuel Roberts and Tyrone Richards

When that did not happen, they headed to Victoria where upon arrival, 16 year old Odegbune shouted to the West London boys “we’re going to f*** you up”.

For 12 seconds a group of boys stabbed Sofyen over 9 times, hit him with other weapons, kicked him and ran away to catch various buses – all in front of horrified lookers.

When police boarded the bus, they found the weapons used in the attack and seized them.

Odegbune, Omoregie and Nwokeh were all tagged the main culprits in the killing.

While Odegbune was not part of the group that killed Sofyen, it was acknowledged that he was the principal in leading the group to the violence, and as such was guilty of murder along with Omoregie and Nwokeh.

All three were sent to minimum of 18 years in prison to serve eight years in young offenders institute before going to adult prison. Should they have been over 18, the boys would have spent a minimum of 25 years in jail.

The boys will be eligible for parole between 2027 – 2028.

Femi Oderinwale, Samual Roberts and Adonic Akra were charged with manslaughter, sentenced to 12 years in young offender’s institue while Enoch Amoah and Tyrone Richards were sentenced to 7 years in prison for violent disorder and conspiracy.

Junior Bayode and Victoria Osoteku were convicted of manslaughter at a separate trials. Victoria, 18, – the only female in the group charged – bought the knives and various weapons that were used in the fight.

Read full report.

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