Sir Victor Uwaifo, Nigeria’s music legend dies

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Professor Victor Uwaifo the man behind the hit tune “Joromi” has died aged 80 today Saturday 28th August.

Peter de Rock Uwaifo, one of his children, broke the news in a facebook post in the last two hours. It is thought that he he was hospitalised following an illness but did not pull through.

“Daddy whyyyyyyyyyy. Did you leave us now Prof  sir Victor UWAIFO has gone to rest. Black Saturday for me nooow,“ said Peter, “One week now after collaborating with me”, the distraught son continued.

Born 1 March 1941, Sir Victor was many things throughout his life – Nigerian musician, writer, sculptor, and musical instrument inventor, University lecturer – but many will remember the joyous Joromi song he released and sold successfully worldwide.

Sir Victor Uwaifo’s son, Peter, broke the news of his passing

He performed – notably with his guitar – under the name Victor Uwaifo and His TItibitis. Never one to give, he went on to study for his BA hons aged 54, Masters at 56 and a Ph.D at 77.

Nigeria’s President Buhari paid his tribute to the legend saying among many things: “prays for the soul of the departed musician, writer, sculptor, musical instrument inventor and university lecturer, knowing the entire country, particularly the music industry, will sorely miss him.”

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