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The “pretty pon anyside” chick: Did you know these 5 things about Miss R Fabulous?

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She is popular for her story times on YouTube, her fights and arguments with ex-friends on Instagram, snapchat, and has grown to become one of the top black influencers in the UK scenes.

Even though she has said it all in her videos, how well do you know her? Check with these 5 unveiling fact.

1. A little Bio

Miss R Fabulous aka Renee Donaldson is a UK based 25 year old popular social media influencer born in Jamaica on 11the October 1995.

She is the third child and first daughter of Maureen, another YouTuber by the name Mummy Fabulous.

Renee family from l-r: Renee’s mother, Maureen, youngest sister Sanisha, fourth child Santara and Renee. Source: YouTube

Mummy Fabulous has 4 other children, 2 boys and 2 girls for three different baby daddies. The two boys and Renee have one dad, and the younger 2 girls – Santara and Sanisha – have separate dads.

Renee’s brothers were deported back to Jamaica. She along with her sisters and mother formed a YouTube channel called the Fabulous family, where they share their life’s antics as a close knit family. 17 year old Santara also has her own YouTube channel.

Renee identifies herself as a business woman with multiple businesses including hair, body shapers and eye lashes. As of now she has 157k strong fanbase on YouTube, 136k on Instagram and 23.1k on Twitter.

She is the bread winner of her family and seeks to open financial doors for them as evident with the YouTube channels.

2. She is the “pretty pon any side, woyoii” Queen. What does it mean?

You may have heard this one liner “pretty pon any side, woyoii”. Its best know as the intro to her YouTube videos. She also released a viral single titled ‘Woyoii’.

“Pretty pon any side” is a sentence of Jamaican connotation meaning “I am pretty from any side you take a look at me”.

“Woyoii” on the other hand does not have any real meaning except that it is a hyping slang. Put together, Renee is hyping that she is a pretty chick regardless of which side you choose to view her from.

She is also known for other one liners like “you can agree to disagree but I would rather you not on my channel”, “You’re don out ‘ere” and “discombobulated”.

3. She has a boyfriend?

Renee does have a boyfriend she has been dating for sometime.

She used to shield his face in an attempt to keep him a mystery but was unveiled on snapchat and other live social media feeds during her birthday celebrations in October.

The 6ft handsome Ghanaian goes by the rap name Blaxx, recently releasing a video for his single titled Pressure.

Renee met Blaxx at a studio when she was thinking about doing a remix to her single, Woyoii. According to her, it was love at first sight, hence pursued and flirted her way to his heart.

With a strong social media following, the minute Renee promoted him, his work was dramatically boosted with views and followers.

Renee has always said she prefers Ghanaian men over any kind of man, and African men over Jamaicans.

4. That infamous BBL

Renee had a healthy voluptuous backside before deciding to increase it through a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

In January 2019, Renee flew to Turkey to get her BBL done for £2,500 -supposedly at a bargain price. She had 1,000cc of fat added to each bum cheek that were taken from her lower abdominal area and back roll.

Renee’s bum before and after surgery. Source: Miss RFabulous/Instagram/YouTube

It was all good until she caught an infection on her return to the UK around a week after surgery. She was given rounds of antibiotics which in turn deflated her bum causing an obvious dent that meant she had to re-visit Turkey for a second round of surgery.

To reconstruct the bum, fat was taken from her upper stomach and added to the top of her bum, leaving her with a voluptuous upper but flat lower backside. She opted for a third surgery to correct it.

She was content with her third surgery, however over time, the fat cells started to die, her thigh began having dent and she began suffering leg pain.

She garnered lots of followers and praises after dropping multiple videos on her BBL surgery regrets.

She recently returned from the Dominican Republic where she had gone to get an operation to resolve her issues but eventually decided against it as she was not ready.

Renee has also had breast reduction surgery and teeth fix.

5. Endless beefs

Renee is popularly known for her disagreements with various people, many of whom used to be her friends.

Her confident attitude and exposé approach to dealing with friends who she believes betrayed her has made people dub her “problematic”.

She insulted a fellow social media influence, Natalie Sara after allegations Natalie stabbed her in the foot.

She called out her step sister, Shakira who is Santara’s sister from same father, she had the last word with Lani Good who brought young people together to rate celebrities and many of them rated Renee horribly.

Recently, she angered upcoming social media influencer Oluwa Blanco after making a stand-off comment about the Nigerian’s music video her cousin, Shereka, was watching. Plus, she just fell out with her best friend, Guh Deh Philips.

The most notable of all is her never ending beef with female artist and YouTuber Ivorian doll and Abigail Asante.

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