Comedian Don’t Jealous Me and wife celebrates anniversary with gushing tributes

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Comedian Don’t Jealous Me and his wife, Yemi celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary today.

Source: DontJealousMe/Instagram

The loved up couple posted gushing tributes about one another on their separate Instagram pages.

Dont Jealous me, whose real name is Tolulope Ogunmefun wrote, “If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. Happy Anniversary Olayemi ❤️”.

While his wife wrote, “Happy Anniversary Baby❤️ #ytlove2016“.

How they met

The couple shared how they met on their YouTube channel.

Tolu and Yemi on their wedding day. Source: DontJealousMe/Instagram

They met at college in 2007 when they were 17 in a canteen. Yemi was sat down with some girls eating chips and beans, and Tolu came and sat next to her.

To grab her attention, Tolu’s first ever line to Yemi was “is your hair weave?”, to which she responded “No”.

Offended by the comment, Yemi leaves her food and goes off. Their second encounter was when he told her to come along with him to Stratford to get her some trainers as she used to wear plimsolls, she was not so pleased by his comments was used to his one-liners.

A happy family: Tolu, Yemi and their baby girl, Tiwa. Source: DontJealousMe/Instagram

She revealed Tolu was not her type however close to her 18th birthday she announced her birthday was upcoming but on the day itself, Tolu was amiss.

Some two weeks later, she sees him and tells him he missed her birthday to which Tolu grabs and kisses her forehead. The rest is history.

The couple married in late Dec 2016 and gave birth to their baby girl, Tiwa, in October 2017.

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