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“I am not going into 2015 as broke as people who called me broke”: MEET Ramoni Igbalode aka HUSHPUPPI

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Ramon Igbalode Abbas also known as Ray Hushpuppi is awaiting his fate in USA for fraud committed against over 1.9 million people many of whom are Americans.

There was once a time where no one knew how this guy got the wealth he flaunted so extravagantly on social media. His “real estate” businessman claim was fooling nobody, but he did fulfil his dreams of never going broke.

From a second hand designer clothes seller to multi-millionaire fraudster. Source: Hushpuppi/Instagram

As we ponder on what the future now holds, lets reminisce on five things about Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbas.

1. Growing up

Hushpuppi grew up in poverty. He once acknowledged how his taxi driver dad worked so hard, yet struggled to stay afloat. His mother is reportedly a market seller, and he always wanted out of that life.

He became a second-hand designer clothes seller in Lagos, Nigeria before relocating to Malaysia in 2012 for greener pastures.

By 2017, Hush had made his name and lots of fraud money on the streets of Malaysia. He began having troubles hence moved to Dubai with the help of Nigerian-Dubai resident, Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha.

He made so much more than anticipated in Dubai. His instagram following currently standing at 2.5 million contributed to this as he attracted more connects through the platform.

2. Fraud money net-worth dripping

Hushpuppi was once said to be worth an estimated $20 million USD in 2019. Given his level of fraud wealth, that maybe an understatement.

The clothes, shoes, private jets that he showed on social media are worth combined millions. He also allegedly had $40.9 million worth of visible cash that was seized by the Dubai Police, plus other unseen assets. It is likely he is worth a whole lot more.

3. Baby daddy

Hush’s second baby , Jayden became known when his mother labeled Hushpuppi a dead-beat dad

Hushpuppi is a daddy of two children. He has a daughter, Dior, who he likes to keep private, and a 7 year old son, Jayden. Jayden became known as a result of his mother publicly declaring Hush a dead beat dad for not playing a role in their son’s life. He denied this.

4. The women

At a point, Ramoni was thought to be gay as he never had female companion in public. However apart from the ladies that gave him babies, he was thought to have had a brief thing with Blac Chyna. He has been associated with Amira Dyme and many other Instagram stars he meets via the DM.

5. His sheer audacity

Ramoni had no care in the world who was watching his every move despite being a fraudster.

He flaunted luxurious assets to the world in broad daylight. He mingled with stars from around the world, he sprayed $100 dollar bills at Davido’s brother wedding in Dubai, and even shared a transfer of 300k Naira made to him under one of his aliases he uses to conduct fraud.

This attracted fans who dreamt to be like him, it attracted fraud associates who added more illegal funds to pocket, it attracted the FBI whom Hush made it easy for them.

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