Social media ‘relationship goals’ Nakita x Terroll split… and drop his and hers videos of why

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They were once called ‘relationship goals’ with tons of young people idolising them. A year plus into dating, social media couple Nakita and Terroll have called it quits.

It was initially made to out have ended amicably until Nakita dropped a bombshell Youtube video revealing why they had broken up “from her point of view”.

Starting the video with an angry voice message from Terroll, the South African accused him of mental issues and emotional torment.

She chose to spill the tea on their breakup following a tip off about Terroll cheating. She ends the video with a message for his mum!

The plot thickens…

Terroll drops a response video on his Youtube channel.

While cheating allegations were not addressed, a furious Terroll reacted to being labelled a violent man with mental issue.

The ex couple met through commenting and liking each other’s photos on social media. Originally, individual Youtubbers, they formed a joint ‘Terroll and Nakita’ channel, gaining thousands of adoring fans and 160,000 subs.

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Amicable no more: Beautiful Nakita initially posted a conservative message to Instagram followers weeks before uploading a YouTube video explaining why her and Terroll went their separate ways

Their breakup in July came as a shock to fans who thought they would go the distance, with many turning against Nakita after the video upload.

In a video of how they met, Brixton-born Terroll, 27, once said Nakita, 25 was not his usual type, being light skinned. However, their partnership secured lucrative deals with BET and the Huffington Posts.

Terroll was previously a gang member of the OC (Organised Crime) who was allegedly involved but acquitted in the murder of Ashley Bucknor, and recently got handed a restraining order for slapping Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

Access Terroll’s video here:

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