Nigeria corner and Wizkid will be at Notting Hill Carnival 2017

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The Notting Hill Carnival has arrived!

As usual Nigeria Corner will continue to take its spot at the event, but Wizkid has only recently been confirmed to make an appearance – at a different stand.

While the Corner holds at Adela Street from 12pm to 7pm, Wizkid will be at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance sound system hosted by Red Bull Music Academy.

The annual carnival which largely celebrates the Caribbean culture and tradition officially starts tommorow, 26th until bank holiday Monday, 27th.

Nigeria corner will be hosting a 2-day event, with day 1 being family and children friendly and day 2 adult oriented

This year in honour of the Grenfell Tower fire, guests are being encouraged to wear ‘green’ with a 1 minute silence to be held at 3pm on both days.

While Wizkid is scheduled to perform with top artists on Sunday 27th, his nationality’s corner will host a family and children friendly event on Sunday 27th, and a largely adult theme on the bank holiday Monday.

Wizkid has been announced to appear with top UK artists at the RBMA sound system on the 27th


Tips for attending the carnival

Facts about Nigeria Corner at the Notting Hill carnival
  • Go early to beat the crowd – carnival starts from 9pm
  • Check routes, road and tube closure before travelling
  • Take food, water and juice
  • Suitable spare/warm clothes, wipes and comfortable shoes
  • Some cash just in case
  • Arrange meeting points and stay close to each other at all times
  • Most of all – keep calm, let loose, stay open minded and HAVE FUN

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