Francis divorces popular FB marriage counsellor Amara Van Lare

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She is considered (among Nigerians) as one of the pioneers in bringing about an open discussion of personal relationships on social media, and dishing out advice.

Now, her husband of 3 years has requested for divorce after pointing out via a facebok message that maltreatment by Amara and her children was the reason for divorce.

It will be the second divorce for Amara who was first given out into an arranged marriage at the tender age of 17 where she suffered domestic abuse for 14 years.

While the US based life coach politely informed her fans via Facebook, her software developer husband using the same medium gave his reasoning from a location in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Amara, 39, has often been vocal about her traumatic experiences from her first marriage,  including ex-husband stopping her dreams to school and become a medical doctor. She also shares these in her book – A Raging River, detailing experiences and lessons learnt.

However, it is suggested that Amara and kids had an aroma of arrogance which could have affected this relation.

As well as creating a safe space on social media for people to share and learn from inspirational life stories and advise, the mum of 4 children also runs the Dorcas Generation Initiative to help widows and less privileged or abused women in Lagos.

Amara channelled her life experiences through Chika. Detailing her struggles with upbringings, pains, domestic violence, cheating and how she survived in the midst of vicious calumny and painful controversies. A Raging River is available on Amazon and Konga

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