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Gbam! Queen mother of the most loved and adorable half Nigerian twins have spoken as she shared a picture of her and the girls on social media.

In the picture, Aminat showed off 6 months of pregnancy looking gorgeous in African attire, with her girls who are increasingly looking like thier dressed in matching outfit. The family are expecting child no3 – a baby boy.

Did you know that Aminat and hubby, Justin, have turned these girls and themselves into millionaires in the space of a couple of years?

The family-run business with daddy being the photographer, mummy the interogator and the girls just being cute with their responses are regularly hosted and paid for appearances.

This is aside from any money making deals off their social media which boasts 600k+ Youtube fans (who gets generally entertained or inspired by hair, pregnancy journey and style tutorials), 1.1million Instagram and 26.1k Twitter followers, and their newly released Mcclure twins fashion collection.

The Mcclure have turned their family run business into money making machines capitalizing on the fame brought by their daughter

They family gained popularity gained huge fans from the Nigerian community, but have increased their followings over the years.

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