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Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, aka Kcee dropped a surprise on Instagram by announcing his candidacy for his native Anambra state governorship.

The Romantic call singer, 38, is alleged to be worth ₦900 million (around £2 million) hence poses lesser threat to stealing public funds?

He is yet to declare any promises or policies but already lives a rich lifestyle as regularly showed off on Instagram. Together with his brother Emeka popularly known as E-Money who is said to be worth around ₦1.5 billion (approx. £3 million), they own an oil and gas firm called 5* Oil and Gas. Plus his fleet of cars and luxury collectables.

These could be a grounding basis for not stealing Anambra’s money, who can tell?

Kcee is estimated to be worth £1 million and shows of his existing luxurious lifestyle on Instagram. Becoming a Governor will be give him access to billions of naira, given his existing wealth, will he be tempted to steal?

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