How Bizarre! Did this pastor, David implicate himself in the injury of his wife?

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A Benin pastor, David Steven, based in the Netherlands took to Facebook live video to explain ‘his side’ of the story circulating that he beat and nearly killed his wife of 3 years.

The pastor who does live pastoral videos on his Facebook page is alleged to have pushed Vivian down the stairs, putting in her in 9 hour coma.

Pastor David based in Netherlands is alleged to have beaten his wife, Vivian to stupor. he makes series of videos to defend himself

In a bizarre attempt to clear his name, David shares his side of the story, going further in another Facebook live video labelled ‘Vengeance from God for Vivian’ to curse out the witches and wizard involved.

But did David just implicated himself through explanations, comments and prayers?

David is alleged to have brought Vivian to Netherlands and they have no children. He said Vivian fell down the stairs during an argument and self defence

In a 5 minute explanation video, David claims it was accident – “something that just happened” – and he did not do it. He goes on to say he would like to protect his wife by not revealing much because he loves his wife.

He explained that Vivian – with whom he is having marital issues with came back home at 12 a.m. from an African bar. He had locked the door and started speaking to her from behind the door – “reminding her of their beautiful past” to win back her love.

Expecting his wife to be “broken” and “apologise” for “what she had done”, her reaction was the opposite when he opened the door. They started arguing, and he goes on to say “I have to cover some few things” before warning ladies not to lay hands on their husbands.

Proclaiming fear as his wife tries to hit him, he pushed her hand away, she slips and falls down the stairs. How many times has this type of story come up in domestic violence cases? Its an allegation!

To hit the nail on the head, David uses another live video to cast and bind haters in the guise of witches and wizards. His wife is yet to recover and tell her side of the story.

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