2 jailed, 2 suspended and 2 on the run: Nigerian tax credit scammers

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Oluwatobi Emmanuel Odeyemi and Kayode Sanni have been jailed for a £10 million scam.

Oluwatobi Emmanuel Odeyemi and Kayode Sanni jailed for total of 8 plus years for scamming HMRC with civil servants’ details 

They along with Oluwagbenga Odeyemi (Stephen), his wife Oluwatumininu Banjo, Adedamola Oyebode, Kayode Sanni and Chantelle Gumbs ran a tax credit scam using the identities of MPs, judges, police officers and civil servants and pocketed £2.4 million.

The total £10 million comes from a potential £7.8 million earnings the group would have made had they not being caught, although they may have made more than £2.4 million given their scam extended to buying online insurance.

Adedamola Oyebode, 30, whilst working as an events manager for the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) stole around 10,300 members’ personal details which she then sold on to her brothers-in-law, Emmanuel, 34 and Stephen, 38.

Adedamola and Chantelle were both handed suspended sentences for passing password protected client information and contact tax credits for packs

The CSSC specifically caters to over 120,000 public sector individuals from civil servants, NHS members, politicians, police and judges, and Emmanuel, the main leader on receiving the details managed them with his brother, Stephen and roped in his friend, Kayode, 38, who made sure the details were used to apply for tax credits.

Kayode then roped in his friend, Chantelle, 34 to make the calls and request for tax credits application packs from the HMRC to apply for working tax credits.

It is believed that Stephen’s wife Oluwatumininu, 40 who used to live in Dagenham and used other names – Tumi and Charmaine Davis – assisted in the crime, the couple are being hunted for.

Tumi (right) and hubby, Stephen escaped to Nigeria, the police continue their hunt for them

The group were discovered after unusual high amounts of application from civil servants were detected.

Adedamola from Lewisham got two years suspended jail sentence, community service and a three month curfew. Chantelle from Leeds got a suspended jail sentence and a rehabilitation order.

Odeyemi, from Gravesend, Kent, was jailed for three-and-a-half years and Sanni, from Leeds, was handed down a five years and three months prison term, while Tumi and hubby are on the run in Nigeria.

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