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Ha, you can pretty much find out anything on the internet these days, something Bow Wow AKA Shad Moss forgot, pulled a fast one and swiftly became the butt of jokes.

Two days ago (9th May), Bow Wow, 30, posted an image of a private jet swamped around cars on his Instagram page and a caption starting with ‘Travel day’.

Unfortunately for him, he was captured on snapchat that same day by a passenger on the same commercial flight as him -and the image (pretty quickly) went viral on twitter.

To make matters worse, turns out the private jet on his Instagram was that of a corporate VIP vehicles company called MIA VIP Transportation, and Bow Wow aka Shad was giving us a fake impression of his ‘real’ lifestyle.

MIA VIP Transportation company with the same image (though stretched) as Bow Wow’s Instagram picture

Cue the #Bowwowchallenge

In gest of his fakery, you take a photo (any), alter it to give the impression that you lead a fabulous life and post the final image plus the real one with the hashtag.

The hashtag has attracted over 10,000 posts on Instagram with lots more on Twitter. Lets check out the best so far.

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