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Angel Duffy! The Ghanaian benefit cheat with three different names and a compulsive disorder – LYING

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Last night’s episode of Britain on the Fiddle was a captivating one.

We had Micky Pitt, who smuggled duty-free cigarettes into the UK with his home-made boarding pass.

We also had the Belgium-based-claiming-living-in-the-UK benefit cheat, but nothing beats Angel Duffy, sorry Angel Jackson, oh no Paris Anderson.


52 year old sophisticated fraudster, Angel Duffy, caught unaware then claims she is Paris Anderson

Ghanian born Angel Duffy, 52, was suspected of identity fraud. As Angel Jackson, she is a disabled mum of two on housing benefits but as Angel Duffy she is fit and well with two properties.

From start to finish, Angel lies her way through starting with a claim of being Angel’s sister, Paris Anderson.

As an investigator tells her he believes she is the person they are looking for, Angel, appearing in a calm-innocentish-confused manner says she is not the one, then asks “Is somebody dead? This is just scary”.

The investigators discover lots of bank cards, 3 passports of different nationalities, wads of cash and mobile phones

The team whisk her off under arrest and discover she has spent over £1,000 on carpets despite being on benefits, owns English, Irish and Ghanian passports, numerous bank cards, mobile phones, homes and thousands of pounds.

Luxury jewlery owned by Ann Duffy

At some point, the BBC subtly show a plaque in her apartment with ‘Christ in our corner’ written on it – cheeky Christian!

They also discover sets of keys to another apartment – a  higher class from the one she was found in but Angel was to carry on digging herself into  a unique hole. When she turns up to the Police station, after bail, she identifies herself as ‘Paris Jackson’.

With the team discovering a Youtube video – titled ‘Angel Juliet Duffy – uploaded by her tenants who will also serve as witnesses and the solicitor unveiling her lies, she is hardly going to go scot free, or will she?

Angel is seen having a seizure, although there are records showing she has faked these before

Aside from producing a doctor’s letter saying she has ‘symptons’ of a stroke, the highlight was when she started shaking, supposedly having a seizure but two hours later she was convincing no-one and opts to become aggresive.

Angel was remanded in custody but what happens next is yet to be seen on Thurs, 9th. The full episode on BBC

Read + Video: What finally happened to Angel Duffy?


Micky Pitt, another interest character who features on the program for smuggling and fraud

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