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I only just saw Toke Makinwa with her no nonsense attitude on Moments and was shocked by the revelations in her ‘On Becoming’ book

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Toke Makinwa is the talk on many Nigerians’ lips.

The chick is trending on all our social media space, blogs, webpage – now including mine – as many dish out opnions on her decision to air her marital issues so publicly.

I only became aware of her from watching Ebonylifetv’s Moments Girls’ talk but you may have caught a glimpse of her on Lagos to London: Britain’s New Super-Rich or watched her on Youtube – TokeMoments.

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As I write this and as many others talk, Toke is probably strutting her way into the bank to cash her cheque after becoming the best selling authour.

She has received lots of support and admiration since dropping the book, but the negative ones are hard to bite even putting Linda Ikeji at the receiving end from her followers.

linda-ikeji Linda Ikeji’s post on Toke’s book

Many of her followers were not pleased

All these palava led my curiosity to buy the book from Amazon, which was less than £5 so I was not breaking the bank.

The book is an interest read. As I got to the middle, it took an alarm clock to remind me to pick the children from school and I was left disorientated from this interruption that I dropped everything else to get to the end of the matter.

Even though the book starts with her ubringing and beginnings, she essentially shares her views and how she dealt with events that happened in her marriage to Maje Ayida.

She painted a relatable picture – at least personally and while it was so hard to view this handsome man respectably, I had to keep reminding myself that there are different sides to every story.

Here are what held me to ransom to get to the end of the book…

32 year old Toke (right) – with her is sisters – grew up with 3 siblings and cousin under their aunty’s roof after her mum, dad and 2 house helps died in a house fire when she was 8 years old
This guy be fine sha o…

I struggled to composed myself on discovering how she lost her parents. As a mum and a daughter, it was heartbreaking to read even though she painted a lovely picture of her aunty who ended up raising her and siblings

Er…not so much in this picture with Anita








On a normal day, I could sit, be sipping my cup of tea with a slurp and just stare at Maje. But as I read how romantic he was in the “honeymoon” period, I started to shift my book from my eyes, because he was starting to sound too good to be true.

“the sun shone from my behind” was what he once said to Toke??.






Anita features heavily in the book because she spent time with Maje in London, she had a child for him and tormented Toke, but someone else also had a child for him.

I can be a fool in love but by girl no.3 (before Anita) who Maje was “helping” with accommodation in his room plus e own mama cor dey pray make you (Toke) find good husband, hmm…



Fasting, prayer, counselling anything to banish the love would have been a better move, but she carried on for the sake of hope. I understood her because it is not always easy to see and do the “right” thing when you are inside a situation.

I don’t even think Anita was aware of these other women. E easy to build some kind love for 8 years when you know you are the other woman who spends time here and there, and believes he loves more.

A photo posted by Anita Solomon (@anitahsolomon) on

But since the news broke, the boldest Maje could have done – as he told Toke – “I am going back to her (Anita)” – would have been to put a ring on it. She has your baby and frustrated Toke, why not make it official regardless of what people would say, after all we are already talking.

A photo posted by Maje Ayida (@majeayida) on

In reality he just loves women, with each fulfilling some sort of satisfaction. He wants as many cakes as he can get and eat it. Its not news, as its a subject I can relate to.

I would not be surprised that as the scandal broke girls were forming queues to be his next queen. Only if Maje would do right by Anita.

Maybe he will (don’t hold your breathe), who knows Gods time is the best because I see their connection – the love of fitness, the down-earth look and possibly the amount of time and attention she gave, all of which Toke may not have done.

She spent far too long hoping and praying for change without stopping to appreciate that God may have heard her prayers when she travelled to London.

I guess we can blame London for her falling back into his arms when she ran back to Nigeria because London is not as gold as people imagine. As I sit here writing about her, I am also re-evaluating me. While I empathise with her I could not fully comprehend her actions.

You discover he has a son (before Anita’s), he took Anita to a family holiday instead of you, he makes a sex tape of you and Anita and your strategy was to get married? Hmmm.

By the time I had finished the book, I was left confused – was Toke really an angel in all this? Is it not the same chick I just saw talking on Moments? But who are we to talk? We were not there and as they say there are always 2 sides to every story even though 80%+ of what she said were likely the truth.

Regardless, I guess by writing this book she was closing a horrible chapter of her life to start afresh.

What I did take away from this book was that irrespective of a man/woman cheating, if the man nor like me pass as I like myself, if e no respect me pass as I respect myself and if I no sure say I fit rely on am then I go jeje waka pass.

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