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BBNaija2020: Vee’s narrowly misses eviction chop block despite being one of the bottom housemates every week

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The BBNaija ride has not been an easy for the Britico, Victoria “Vee” Adeleye.

But it seems she has super powers as she has dodged the evicition bullet every week despite being one of the least favourite housemate by the show’s fans every week to date.

Vee finally becoming popular following weeks of unpopularity in Big Brother Naija house. source: Veeiye/BBNaija

The 23 year old Aladura singer’s relationship with fellow BB Naija housemate Neo does not seem attracting as much fans as Kiddwaya and Erica who have also striked up a romantic relationship.

See her place on the BBNaija table so far.

In week 2 when voting officially began, Vee received only 2.47% of BBNaija fans’ vote. Out of 20 housemates, she ranked 12th placing her at risking position of veing voted out, but she survived as only the bottom four housemates were up for eviction and Lilo, 23, and Ka3na, 26, were chosen to leave the Big Brother Naija house.

BBNaija 2020 week 2 voting results

By week 3, things turned for the worse as Vee slipped to bottom 7th least favourite housemate out of the 18 contestants left in the house. Her popularity did increase this week 3 from 2.47% to 3.28%.

Luckily for Vee she narrowly misses the chopping block as bottom four housemates were chosen to be voted out by fellow housemates with Eric, 24, and Tochi, 28, sent packing.

BBNaija 2020 week 3 voting results

By week 4, Vee remained 7th least favourite housemate, this time out of 16 remaining contestants. However her popularity once again increased from 3.28% the previous week to 3.89% this week.

Again off the chopping block this week, as Wathoni, 29, Neo, 26, Kaisha, 25 and TrickyTee, 35, were up to be chosen by remaining contestants to leave the house. Kaisha was evicted.

BBNaija 2020 week 4 voting results

In week 5, Vee was dealth a blow as she became second to the least most unpopular housemate with just 2.79% of votes. She automatically qualified as one of contestants on BBNaija’s chopping block.

Her slip may have come from Kiddrica (Kiddwaya and Erica) fans after she advised Laycon on his love triangle with Erica and Kiddwaya.

Vee had told Laycon not to cook for Erica as she was with Kiddwaya. In between calling Laycon a mumu, she advised that he should focus on his gangsta and avoid complicated interest that might distract him.

BBNaija 2020 week 5 voting results

Mumu in Nigerian pidgin English is a slang that describes a person negatively as an idiot, fool or slow person. While its not the nicest word, it can be used jokingly, depending on the situation.

Laycon had responded to Vee with: “I understand what you’re saying but I just don’t know. I’m just being me. I’m not feeling the way I was a week ago”.

After the live eviction, Erica took offence at the Prophetess daughter’s advice and vowed not to talk to her anymore which may have harmed Vee’s chances.

Vee is only aware of this week’s 5 voting poll where she, Trickytee, Wathoni and Praise were bottom 4 housemates facing eviction.

She survivved by a whiska as TrickyTee and Praise were sent packing.

On discovering her unfavourable position, Victoria Adeleye said: “I feel defeated being up among the bottom 4 on Sunday but I will get back up.

“I’m a fighter, a strong person so I’m embracing everything and my emotions so I can get over it.

“If I’m the one to leave on Sunday I’ll move, but I’m determined to make N85m.”

She remains unaware of her other disastrous weeks.

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