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‘She is relentless, she doesn’t stop’: The conclusion of Angel Duffy from Britain on the Fiddle

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Britain on the Fiddle series 2, episode 1 introduced us to three people who had scammed the British benefits system and were being brought to account for their acts.

The episode ended with a cliff-hanger on the most interesting and popular character – Angel Duffy – who made up different stories to get away with her fraud. The suspense was finally concluded in series 2, episode 2.

Recalling at the end of episode 1 (read here), Angel Duffy (aka Angel Jackson aka Paris Anderson) was remanded in custody until her trial with presenter, Richard Bilton, saying at the very end: “…in the coming months, event will take place that will turn this case on it head”.

Episode 2 portrays just that, at least at the beginning, and it becomes baffling and annoying as events unfolded.

Two new individuals – David Sutherland and Anthony Mallam- also come under the watchful eye of benefits investigators.

So, following from episode 1, things seemed to have turned out worse for Ms Duffy while in remand.

According to the prison, she suffered a stroke, became paralysed, could not talk properly, required lots of medication and was wheelchair bound – hence was released with her case adjourned until she is fit to stand trial.

At this point, it is time to pack it in, leave her alone, she is suffering the worst punishment. But no, the benefits team believed she was faking it – so went in search of evidence.

The benefits team did not believe Angel was really wheelchair bound or had a stroke ©BBC

As a team member visits and knocks on her door, Angel confidently asks ‘who is it?’ until she realised who and changed her tone (to more helpless one).

Giving her all benefits of doubt as she opens the door to the investigator in a wheel chair and mentions she has a carer from church and she has been instructed by the solicitor not to provide his full name.

Still no need to doubt when it is revealed she is claiming more benefit due to her current condition – until CCTV evidence obtained by Andrea shows her walking through the car park and then to the gym.

Even at this point, (some) benefit of doubt can be stretched since her face was not clear in the video, but watching Angel-Duffy from previous episode, it is increasingly hard not to quietly change team.

For the next 1+ year Angel continued with excuses to prolong the case including having a memory loss. She withdraws consent to her medical records

Angel Duffy caught on 3 occasions ‘walking’ to various places after claiming she is wheelchair bound from stroke. Her face is unclear as she hides under a cap
Angel again spotted on CCTV walking about to do a runner

It becomes baffling as she makes several attempts to destabilise the investigation, fires her entire legal team and is caught on camera a further 3 times walking freely – first to threaten a family member of a witness at the pub and second she was about to do a runner. .

Her face still do not show evidently on camera, but if we were still planning to give her some ounce of benefit of the doubt, well, she is seen walking into the GPs office and walking out of the GPs office straight into a police car upon arrest – this is not on camera by the way, is what we are told.

She is found guilty of 31 counts of fraud and the benefit teams are glad the case came to a conclusion “after 4 years, 2 strokes, 4 arrests, 48 court hearing and a cost to the state of nearly £400,000…’

We, as with the team are ecstatic the Angel Duffy’s case finally concluded

Finally, Angel Duffy aka Angel Jackson aka Paris Anderson was sentenced to the maximum 7 years in prison with confiscation of her assets.

The other individuals featured – David Sutherland is accused of defrauding the Army and DWP, and Anthony Mallam, is suspected of claiming benefits with multiple identities to fund his lifestyle abroad – notably the Philippines.

Like Angel, Anthony also has an alias – Alan Johnson – used in addition to commit fraud. Meanwhile he continued to claim his dead friend’s pension through pretence of being him. An incriminating letter was the damning of him, resulting in a lengthy confession letter and a promise to pay back £160,000, but no, he cannot choose his own destiny in this case, he gets a harsher punishment.

Anthony Mallam also features in the program, and like Angel Duffy had an alias – Alan Johnson ©BBC
‘Well travelled’ Anthony had 3 passports in his possession during a dawn raid. ©BBC
The evidence that Anthony could no longer escape from. An email exposing his scam ©BBC

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