I want the McClure twins…they are half Nigerians you know!

I only just saw Toke Makinwa with her no nonsense attitude on Moments and was shocked by the revelations in her ‘On Becoming’ book

Toke Makinwa is the talk on many Nigerians’ lips. The chick is trending on all our social media space, blogs, webpage – now including mine – as many dish out opnions on her decision to air her marital issues so publicly. I only became aware of her from watching Ebonylifetv’s Moments Girls’ talk but you […]

Is it possible to have a good romance without finance? The ladies of MOMENT gives us something to think about, WATCH their video

“Couples who disagree about finances once a week are more than 30% more likely to divorce than couples who disagree about money few times a month” “The way you and your spouse save, spend, earn and invest can actually be points of bonding and affection if approached in the right way” Facts from Forbes.com Given […]

Current Playlist #3: Where was I when Ice Prince released this tune with Sakordie? See the video and comments

Probably caught up in pampers and bah bah black sheep. Ice Prince’s Shots on Shots featuring Sarkodie   Anyhow, despite my age and being a mummy, rap never left me and only just discovered #shotsonshots. The beat got me and as I am easily inspired by words,

How do you like your man’s D? What do you like most in a woman’s body? What’s you favourite sex position? Watch PULSENG ask the people of Nigeria their preferences

ON what do you like most about a woman’s body? “…I go con hold am like this, if i wan do am, the hand like this, I go carry am up, con make am, be like tyre…con dey…na him go dey hook am well well, that wan go dey hammer am, e go dey sweet […]

What’s up with the Hillarians harrassing Trump supporters?

I see pro-Hillary supporters are angry, but why it turns to personal insults as posted by a Nigerian person on facebook baffles me. This same person posted insults she has since removed, at Nigerians for not having real knowledge or going out to vote and even at Mr President for simply congratulating the new president […]

UK time is going back an hour tonight at 2am, here is why it changes twice a year

On Sunday (October 30th) morning at 2am, the UK’s time will go back one hour from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – meaning we get to enjoy 1 extra hour of sleep. If you wake up around 6.30-7am so that at 2am you would have about 4-5 hours left of sleep, […]

We missed this year’s Naija in the Park. Oya lets save the date for next year

Part of the reason I do this blog is to find out what’s up with the Naija scene in London. Read: Let me tell you about my trip to the MBTN event in London I hardly hear of these, so I am excited about this find. Ok, it is not happening until next year, but it […]

The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas. Are you as excited as me about this show? Watch their trailer

As a reality and TV series junkie, I am so excited and cannot wait to see what the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas will bring. Interestingly, before these ladies debuted their show, my sisters and I have been doing some recording of our own, watch this space…

Current Playlist #2: It is all about FALZ-the-BAHD-GUY…and a bit of Yemi Alade

Have you heard the song Softwork? Goodness me! Person be dey try bring me up to speed with the latest tunes inside Nigeria. Them show me Soldier by Falz and Simi but na Soft catch my attention and need I say my static Samsung ringtone has swiftly been changed. Read: Current playlist: Loving Phyno and Olamide […]

Let me tell you about my trip to the MBTN event in London

I am always looking for places to meet like-minded Nigerians in jand. I searched online, came across and attended the MBTN event – Move Back to Nigeria – at London Blackfriars and glad was I that I did.   It was kind of surreal because I met lots of young bankers

Where to watch LEKKI WIVES S01 and series highlights

Last year (2015), I watched the Lekki Wives series on iROKOtv and was so pumped up thinking it will be available to watch on the site forever that I wrote all about it. Read: FIRST POST! Lekki Wives: My Inspiration to bring 1NB to life             Well, it would seem that […]

Food for thought! Applying for ILR via DLR

You are about to put in an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), you see the eye-watering fees – worse if you are applying with a plus 1 (or 2 or 3) – this excludes lawyer’s fees, NHS surcharge, postage, passport photographs, all else expense…..Lord have mercy! Well it has been said that heaven […]

Current playlist: Loving PHYNO and OLAMIDE but cannot get enough of Bisa Kdei’s Mansa

I was at Burgess park with the children, thinking of how I am going to fund and complete my ILR application when a flat across the road began blasting Mansa by the Ghanaian musician Bisa Kdei. I do not understand the language, but the tune with the line ‘a,a,a,a’ – a very understandable word – […]

FIRST POST! Lekki Wives: My Inspiration to bring 1NB to life

I recently subscribed to iROKOtv after much persuasion from my cousin, leading me to the brilliant series that is Lekki Wives. At first, we were watching movies from Lagos Cougar, Knocking on Heaven’s Door to some other pretty good ones. But I am more of a series than a movies fan, and iROKOtv had lots […]