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Meet the BEAUTIFUL Stefflon Don family

Rapper, Stefflon Don comes from a large family of good looking people, passed on – not surprisingly – by her mother.

The 30 year old Hurtin Me singer has 2 sisters, 4 brothers and a son. Meet them all!


Before we show you the children, lets introduce the Marie Allen or as she prefer to be called Mumma London as recognition of her daughter, Stefflon Don or mummavelli, representing her son Dutchavelli is the proud mother.

The 53 year old beauty had her first two children for … before he passed.Mummaveelli tends to wish him well since his death.

It turns out music is in the family as Mumma Allen is currently trying to revive her musical career. She used to sing in a hotel, and sang in the church choir for more than 12 years.

Leon Allen

Leon is the eldest of Mummavelli’s children and the only one who does not seem to be into music or fame life.

Guessed to be around late 30s, Leon does a normal office like job.

Princess Allen

The second child and eldest girl of Mummavelli, Princess is also rapper like her famous sister. Unlike her Stefflon Don, the 35 year old’s rap career is more niche compared to mass public appeal whish Steff music attracts.


Stephanie Allen

Allen. Steff did her first recording when she was eight

real name Stephanie Victoria Allen

Yes, Steff gave birth to her son when she was 17 years old. “He wants me to drop him at school so he can show me off,” she told ES Magazine. “I’m like: ‘I’m not doing that.’ So usually I go with my PA and let her walk him in.” 

Dutchavelli and Stefflon Don are of Jamaican descent.

Stefflon Don’s real name is Stephanie Victoria Allen, and Dutchavelli’s real name is Stephan Fabulous Allen.

Dutchavelli’s name is heavily influenced by his time spent in Rotterdam as a child, which is where the “Dutch” part is from.

Stefflon and Dutchavelli both speak fluent Dutch, as they spent their childhood there, until Stefflon moved back to Britain at age 14 to attend a school

Shemara Allen

October 14 2022 she will be 20 years old

Being a half Filipino, half Jamaican descent, Shemara was able to acquire the beauty of both countries and optimize it to produce the beautiful face that she carries about with elegance. It also more of the reason she thrived in the modelling world even than her sister, Steff.

Steph and dutch wass born in Birmingham. She had shem and shemara in holland


Dutchavelli is the fifth child born out of seven, and grew up in Birmingham. The family moved to Rotterdam when Stefflon was five years-old and Dutchavelli was a baby.

Peter Allen


extremely close knit family

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Born in Birmingham, but raised in Rotterdam, Dutch spent his childhood between the Netherlands and the UK. When he moved to east London, age 12, into a cramped place in Clapton, he had a generation’s worth of music to catch up on. “Coming from Holland I was so out of touch” he says. Early grime tunes on UK music channel Channel U blew his mind, but “I didn’t understand none of the lingo 

Growing up with parents of Jamaican and Trinidadian heritage, music played a big part in Dutch’s upbringing.

I had a six-year sentence and I did five years of it,” Dutch explains. He was 17 years old when he went in, effectively ending his teen years, but the time served as inspiration. “I knew I wanted to do music when I came out. There was no part of me that knew ‘these are the steps I’ll take to do it. I just thought: ‘I’ll be ready.’ I’ll have the hardest bars for when I eventually go to the studio.”
leon shem steff dutch shemara officialpeyy

Mummavelli @dutchavelli

And they got it from mummavelliShem is 21 this year and is second to last bornAugust 15,, steff, peter, princess (considered as her twin – she is a scorpio), leon, shemara,dutch

Mumma with the strong beauty genes – Marie

Stef(boma) and the boys Kente, Peter and Stephan

I love the way family is important to u all ..the way u all laugh love and life good together @mummalondon that is very important especially in these times 💖💖💖😘😘

How can one woman give birth to this much talent

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