First photos + video of Ibori arriving home to a hero’s welcome in Nigeria

Just 2 days ago he did an interview with BBC’s Nick Eastman expressing his wish to return home ASAP. It finally happened, the ex-Governor having been questioned by DSS upon his first arrival to Abuja, he enters the town of Oghara – Delta state – to a heroes welcome These pics suggest that the Department […]

James Ibori is a FREE man and wants to go home as soon as its praticable

James Ibori will be returning back to Nigeria ‘ASAP’ after been set free by Southwark Crown court. Speaking to BBC’s Nick Eastman, the ex Governor of Delta State also stated he will be appealing his conviction despite pleading guilty to fraud totalling almost £50m. See the clip of interview with Nick below.

Nigerian Briticos and around the world attack Buhari’s presidency

With protests just 4 days away, some Nigerian Briticos are making loud and clear ‘whose side they are on‘ … One facebook user showed her anti-Buhari passion through pictures and words, attracting shares, likes and many anti-Buharis comments mainly from people based in Nigeria The lady savaged Buhari and one user was chewed and spat […]

“It doesn’t have to be igbos alone…anyone who resides in U.K” can sign the petition for Nnamdi Kanu

Supporters of Nnamdi Kanu – UK’s pro-Biafra Leader – have set up a government petition for Nnamdi Kanu. The petition currently has 918 signatures and will be run until July 2017. If he gathers 10,000 signatures, the government will respond and if 100,000 signatures, the petition

Hmm this protest is heating up: Teams #Istandwithbuhari and #Istandwith2baba to rally on same day

#Istandwithnigeria gradually changed to #Istandwith2baba since Tuface started fronting the campaign. Their popularity has woken Team Buhari up, whom are now planning their own protests on 5th & 6th of February supposedly side by side with Team 2face. The handle #Istandwithbuhari has its own instagram page and has drawn in so many support with its […]

Them no gree leave Mr. President alone: Obituary posters are out

The rumours continue to swirl upon all the pictures alleging our President, Mr Mmuhammadu Buhari is alive. Some people still refuse to believe this with obituary posters entering circulation. Suposedly na so dem take fool people in relation to the last president – Umaru Musa Yar’Adua – who died in office. On 27th January a […]

Nigerian students a vital source of income for UK universities as Plymouth visits the country

Plymouth University has gone to Nigeria to recruit potential students for its degree programmes which cost around £10,000 (approx. N5,000,000 – minimum undergraduate course 2016/17). It goes to show how VIP Nigerian students are to UK as other universities including

Says who? Nigeria is 177 out of 199 in passports rankings

Ghana, Gambia and Uganda – to name a few African countries – ranked higher than Nigeria in the world’s most powerful passport ranking. At the very least we were not the “least powerful passport” worldwide or by region. Phew! According to the results of a 2017 travel ranking on, Nigeria ranked 177 out of […]

Today, January 15th is Nigeria’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day

The Armed Forces Remembrance Day is an annual event held every January 15 in honour of fallen heroes who lost their lives during the Nigerian civil war and the first and second world wars. On Sunday, President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo led government officials and service chiefs in Abuja to lay wreaths […]

Edo State 2017 budget estimates: key allocations and the imaginary promises

Many governors have come and gone with empty promises to make Edo State – at least Benin City – a great place to be, yet the area has been left in worse condition than before under some leaderships. We had another newly elected governor in November 2016 – APC’s Godwin Obaseki – who presented his […]

Made in Nigeria: The world class animated short film

Wow ??. Even the pencil was “made in Nigeria” ? Lets all hail Niyi Akinmolayan, a lagos based film maker and owner of Anthill studios. He made the following statement below and then took off with a BANG of an animation. “I am going to be running the biggest children entertainment network in Africa” Watch Video

ALL flights to Abuja to be redirected to Kaduna for 6 weeks in 2017

All Abuja bound flights – domestic and international – will be redirected to Kaduna for six weeks in 2017 as the government upgrade the airport’s badly damaged runway. Buses will be made available to carry passengers from Kaduna to Abuja or to railway station, depending on their choice. Although the UK’s Deputy High Commissioner to […]

Ibori – Britain’s scapegoat to Nigeria – is out, now EFCC awaits

Ibori, 59, don come out of jail to fresh air and jubilation from people abroad and back home. He may soon start to regret why he did not stay in his ‘comfortable’ cell. The EFCC are still on his case. Since 2007, EFCC having been trying to nail this man accused of embezzling an estimated N40 […]

You no get shaving stick? Meet “Queen Okafor”, Nigeria’s Hairiest lady who has made her way into Wikipedia

She dubbed herself Nigeria’s hairiest lady and regularly posts pictures of her hairy nature. Meet Queen Nonyerem Okafor, the woman with 23,000 FB followers who has been portrayed as standing tall against bullies in Dailymail, The Mirror, The Sun and other media platforms. A photo posted by queen okafor is real. (@queenokafor) on Dec 11, […]

Another day closer to christmas, another bad news: Fire at Benin City’s HALLMARK

We just thank God no lives were lost, but sorry o Phil Hallmark, can this business ever be revived again??☹ Goods worth billions of Naira have been lost in a fire at Benin city’s biggest shopping centre – Hallmark. The building had only just being renovated earlier this year and while there is speculation that […]

Let’s all hail the king: Emere Okpabi takes Shell to court in London for oil spills in Nigeria

One man – King Emere Godwin Bebe Okpabi, leader of Nigeria’s Ogale people – stood on behalf of Deltans and 40,000 people. The king and his lawyers are suing Shell for the oil spills polluting Deltan communities which has been creating strange diseases including skin disease, sudden deaths, impotency and more. They decided to sue […]

My heart! 53+ people dead along Benin-Agbor-Onitsha in Edo State

Prayers for the 53 people killed and 5 seriously injured in a crash on Thursday at Abudu. According to The Nation, the accident was caused due to a brake failure from the tanker which led to explosion involving 8 vehicles and a motorcycle.   This road is deadly, one news of death to the other. […]

E still dey happen for Nigeria o! Babalawo say e fit make you rich…

…and no need to sell your mama, papa, pikin, sister, brother, leg, arm…gbo gbo e…you get my drift ?. Adewale Samuel calls himself the magic man who can make you rich bring or back your exes through some kind holy ghost fire means. He is advertising his service on facebook with scary images of pythons […]

2 inspiring winners + 8 runners up. Meet the inspirational Nigerians among the Queen’s 2017 Young Leaders programme

Congratulations are in order!?? Meet the 2 UK-educated Nigerian winners of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award: The award which was set up in 2014 to honour Her Majesty The Queen’s 60 years of service to the Commonwealth deservedly recognised Bukola for her dedication to raising funds and awareness for