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Annie Drea: Age, Family, Religion, Social Media and more

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Annie Drea is one of YouTube’s popular black content creators specialised in beauty and lifestyle videos. She has been creating content for around 9 years since August 2014.

Annie Drea proudly shows of her dapper daddy. Credit: Instagram/AnnieDrea

Who is Annie Drea, age and family

Annie Drea is a 32 year old, of Congolese descent, born on 13 March 1991 in West London. She recently celebrated her birthday.

She had four parents – her real parents and a step mom and dad. She is child number two out of seven siblings whom are all girls. She also has a dog named Spinelli and best friend, Lillian.

Annie revealed, growing up she was a rebellious child abandoned by her parents. She ended up in care homes for sometime before going to live on her own aged 16. She moved back to her parents’ for three months aged 17 before moving out again.

She attended primary and secondary school in Harrow, never went to university, and got her first job as a retail assistant in River Island.

She relocated to New York, United States to start a new life in September 2022. Not long after, her step dad sadly passed away in late 2022.

Annie toasting to new life with her mother

How Annie Drea fell out with Nella and Adeola

Annie and fellow YouTubers who are now BBC podcasters -Nella Rose and Adeola Patronne – were once besties, filming content and generally hanging out together.

In 2021, fans began to notice Andrea no longer hung out with her fellow influencer with Adeola tweeting: “Ppl need to stop thinking ghosting friends for months without communicating you need space is normal. Or you can just slip right back into peoples lives do you know how much can change within that time. I don’t f**k with that stuff”.

@tooverbal I see both sides but Adeola should of never brought this to social media in my opinion #adeolapatronne #anniedrea #nellarose #mariammusa #foryoupage ♬ original sound – tooverbal

This tweet was supposedly directed at Annie who replied; “People have maybe took an offence to how I have been moving lately because I haven’t moved like that in the past but a lot of people move like this with me…”

Here are full opinion on TikTok video above.

Does Annie Drea have a boyfriend

Annie revealed around a week ago that she is pregnant for “Mr Man”, an American guy whom she has been seeing for around 2 months since January 2023.

Mr Man’s identity is never revealed to preserve his privacy, however he is a few years older than her, recently relocated to New York just like her, and share the same 13 March birthday.

Her social media profiles

Annie has multiple social media profile where she has amassed over 162,000 subscribers on YouTube, 5,204 on Twitter, over 104k on Instagram and 32.9k on TikTok.

Her social media handles are Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

Known for her creative videos

One major reason why Annie has a strong fan base is her ability to create unique videos. Like many other YouTubers, Annie vlogs, however she is often commended by fans for the interesting way she edits and posts content such that its looks like a professional reality TV show.

Her most recent videos are grouped together in 13.03 vlogs – chapters 1, 2 and 3 which has several underlying connotations. The first being that she is born on 13 March and each video under the chapters are 13.03 minutes long.

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