How Korra Obidi and Justin Dean’s marital woes proves all that glitters on social media, is not gold

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Dr Justin Dean’s public accusations at his wife this week shocked many fans who had never thought that such an event will transpire between the perfect looking, interracial couple.

Justin, in a series of Instagram outbursts , accused his wife of “narcissism, cheating, and lack of accountability”.

He started off in March 9th, saying: “Korra Obidi and I are getting a divorce. It’s over! I won’t be treated this way longer. I did my absolute best to make it work”. Further adding: “I didn’t want this. I did my best. My heart broken. 

Fans initially thought he was joking until he confirmed it was not a joke and then added: “I’m tried of the narcissism, cheating and lack of accountability.

“I’ve been trying since 2018 to save our marriage and if I don’t do exactly what she says she divorces me. I’ve been a prisoner that has his family used against him if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants.”

Today he posted: “I’m heartbroken! This is the hardest decision of my life but necessary… This has nothing to do with Postpartum depression.

“I’ve been betrayed once again and she is unbothered. My apologies to all the young men and women that believed we had a perfect marriage… Likes and views shouldn’t be the highlight of your relationship. Your mental health matters”.

These revelations comes weeks after they had baby Athena during a live Facebook waterbirth, and four years of marriage.

A look through both of their social media profiles – before Justin’s message – shows the perfect happy couple.

Korra is a serial social media user, particularly Facebook live videos. In many of her live videos, her husband, Justin could come into the room – sometimes half naked – realise she is recording, and attempts to be as quiet as possible for minimal disruption. Other times, he can be seen trying to get June away from distracting mama.

Their whole love affair just painted an overall perfect family picture.

Justin’s messages proves that in reality, no relationship is as perfect as it looks. Its fair to say those “perfect family” images displayed on their social media is only a snapshot of the times that they were happy which can easily excite the next person’s imagination to conclude this is how it is everyday, every time.

As such, it is often a reminder that social media is a tool used to show people an attractive “lifestyle”, and not necessarily the reality of life.

Fans continue to hope the couple can overcome their marriage and return back to the ‘happier’ times.

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