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The story of handsome 30 year old Eze stabbed to death by his wife in India, stroked a cord with Nigerians worldwide.

Videos and photos emerged of Evelyn holding on to her dead husband’s body, sobbing uncontrollably before been led away on charge of murder by Indian police to chants of “God go punish your generation”.

Through a live Facebook video by Oghi Tessy aka German First Lady, a family friend of the couple, sounding angry and sad bared it all.

The chat largely spoken in pidgin English revealed that Evelyn did stab her husband Eze.

It transpires that Evelyn Uzodinma is an Igbo/Delta lady who grew up in Benin, while Chibueze Uzodinma is also Igbo.

In her quest to enter obodoyibo – abroad, Evelyn was brought from Libya into India by ‘a madam’, whom she had to repay – working as an ashawo to fulfil her debt.

Live facebook chat video by The German Lady where Eze and Evelyn’s friend shed more light to the story

It was during this period in 2013, Eze met and fell in love with Evelyn. According to this friend, Eze assisted in paying off the madam and they started living together in West Delhi.

Eze helped Evelyn build a house in Nigeria, bought her a shop where she sold African goods, and recently (weeks before) bought her a keke to use instead of walking.

According to the man again, people suspected Evelyn to be using juju on Eze because she was a violent tempremental girl getting everything she wanted.

Could this be the house Eze built for Evelyn? Eze proudly shared this on his FB page
Evelyn who stabbed her husband to death is cursed on Facebook as Eze is mourned

When they went out as a couple, they went back home fighting. In their fights, Evelyn would go naked in public, destroy their home with Eze replacing items.

She smoked weed, partied and sometimes turned to prostitution. His friends regularly warned him to leave her, going as far as saying the girl’s matter will kill him one day.

On the day of his death, an argument about finances broke out, Evelyn pulled a knife – supposedly not the first time as a form of threat – and struck him.

Thinking he was joking when he told her he was dying, Evelyn failed to react quickly. By the time she got him to the hospital, he had suffered excessive bleeding – leading to his death.

May his soul RIP.

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