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Technically she did not originate the word, but Ekaette did start the trending hashtag #mbok movement on Instagram.

Real name, Greene Udofia, 32, with social media handle ‘its_ekaette’ started the hashtag commenting on various news stories on Nigerian social media pages, often ending her sentences with #mbok.

Her popularity and the #mbok slang is growing as she attempts to be first to comment, does it constantly and consistently, going as far as sometimes just typing the word #mbok

Ekaette is almost usually the first to comment on almost all Nigerian news on social media. For example, Laura Ikeji’s message reposted on TCS is commented on by Ekaette within minutes of upload
She has attracted so much attention that memes, jokes have been created after her – rapidly attracting more followers to her social media pages

Mbok is a word in Calabar meaning abeg (please) – depending on how its said and taken.

Greene has gained so much Ekaette-popularity that memes and prayers are created on her behalf. She is an Abuja based Akwa Ibom single chic currently attempting to cash in on her fame by selling #Mbok merchandise.

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